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962010 Flat Rock Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s not just the fruit, which is immaculately ripe in blackberries and black currants. The wine also stands out for the richness of the oak, so perfectly integrated, and the overall balance. Beautiful acidity and thick, rich, supple tannins come…

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Fresh off the Line

The first finished products from the 2014 harvest were bottled this past week…Cold Creek Ranch Pinot Grigio, Big Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, ­­and Suscol Ranch Rosé of Syrah!  According to Ken Laird, 2014 was the best harvest that he has seen in his 40+ years of experience.  Therefore, we can predict…

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With weather like this all you need is a patio and a bottle of Laird!

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Laird Family Estate Wine Cruise

Laird Family Estate is teaming up with Hill Family Estate & Oceania Cruises to offer a 10 day wine cruise, July 10-20, 2016, on their newest ship, Riviera. You will…

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