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962010 Flat Rock Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s not just the fruit, which is immaculately ripe in blackberries and black currants. The wine also stands out for the richness of the oak, so perfectly integrated, and the overall balance. Beautiful acidity and thick, rich, supple tannins come…

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Halloween at Laird

  Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people because it’s one of the few times in our adult lives that we are able to express our creativity by dressing up as a character, object, idea, or theme. For this fun holiday Laird always hosts an Annual Halloween Costume Contest…

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Wine Club “Happy Hour”

Please join us on this chilly winter afternoon for our delicious wine paired with tummy-warming soups. Complimentary for Wine Club Member plus one (Additional guests are $15 each) Please RSVP…

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