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February Happy Hour

on March 6, 2015

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Warning: This blog contains shameless advertisement of the Laird wine club.

One of the perks of being a member of our wine club is the tri-annual “Happy Hour” party that we host.  Once titled “Pick-Up party,” we changed the named to “Happy Hour” so as not to confuse our guests about what type of party they will be attending.  “Happy Hour” is a complementary party, usually hosted on a Saturday in the early-evening, in which our wine club members are able to pick up their shipments while indulging in wine, cheese, fresh fruit, and some sort of decadent desert. This party also allows for the tasting room staff to mingle and catch-up with our dearest members.

Here are some photos from our February Happy Hour party:

Happy Hour Feb 2015 020.jpgeditHappy Hour Feb 2015 003Happy Hour Feb 2015 006Happy Hour Feb 2015 008Happy Hour Feb 2015 010Happy Hour Feb 2015 011