Winemaking Team

Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs has crafted wines that draw attention to detail. They ask to be savored slowly so the inherent intricacies of each wine may be recognized. They are not of overwhelming fruit immensity but wines of elegance and polish, reflective of their origins.

Julian Gonzalez
Consulting Winemaker

My experience in the world of winemaking started harvest of 1994, when I accepted part-time positions at both Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Dominus State working as a cellar worker. I alternated working mornings in one place and afternoons at the other. From harvest of 1994, I moved through various positions at the following wineries: Louis M Martini, Chateau Potelle, Vine Cliff, Paul Hobbs Winery, Mi Sueno Winery and Paul Hobbs Consulting. In 1996 I began to become passionate about the wine industry while working at Chateau Potelle. In 2000 I was promoted to cellar master at Vine Cliff, and four year later I was promoted to assistant winemaker at Paul Hobbs Winery. Finally in 2007 I was able to achieve one of my dream goals; I was entrusted with the position of consulting winemaker at Paul Hobbs Consulting.

In my free time I enjoy listening and playing music. I also enjoy watching Football and Soccer.

My favorite Laird Family wines are Flat Rock Cab Sauvignon and Red Hen Chardannoy.

Luies Gallego
Wines Cellar Master

My father has worked for Ken Laird for 31 years and my mother briefly worked for the Laird’s vineyard management company, so when I was very young they brought me into the vineyards and the Laird family. When construction began on the winery and wine-making facility I came to work for Rebecca Laird as a cellar worker. I worked in almost every area of the winery, and in 2005 was promoted to Laird Family Wines Cellar Master position.

Outside of the winery you can find me either fishing and boating up at Lake Berryessa with my friends and family. I’m also a huge sports fan; Raiders, Warriors and A’s. My favorite Laird wines are Pinot Grigio and Flat Rock Cabernet Sauvignon.