Meet the Staff

Ken Laird

My first trip to Napa was on a camping trip with my family. The beauty and lifestyle of this valley, in the early seventies, was too much to resist. It became my life’s ambition to live in and be a part of the family industry here. Eventually, I left the corporate world behind and was able to do just that.

My Favorite Laird Wine, Ghost Ranch Pinot Noir

Rebecca LairdRebecca Laird
General Manager

Having been brought up in viticulture, I was tying vines at the age of five. Needless to say, I left the area as quickly as I could after my high school graduation. Fifteen years later I was a department store executive with a bad case of retail burn out. I came back to the Napa Valley and realized everything I was looking for was right here all along.

My favorite Laird wine: Suscol Merlot.

Paul HobbsPaul Hobbs
Consulting Winemaker

Paul Hobbs has crafted wines that draw attention to detail. They ask to be savored slowly so the inherent intricacies of each wine may be recognized. They are not of overwhelming fruit immensity but wines of elegance and polish, reflective of their origins.

Julian GonzalezJulian Gonzalez

My experience in the world of winemaking started harvest of 1994, when I accepted part-time positions at both Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Dominus Estate working as a cellar worker. I alternated working mornings in one place and afternoons at the other. From harvest of 1994, I moved through various positions at the following wineries: Louis M Martini, Chateau Potelle, Vine Cliff, Paul Hobbs Winery, Mi Sueno Winery and Paul Hobbs Consulting. In 1996 I began to become passionate about the wine industry while working at Chateau Potelle. In 2000 I was promoted to cellar master at Vine Cliff, and four year later I was promoted to assistant winemaker at Paul Hobbs Winery. Finally in 2007 I was able to achieve one of my dream goals; I was entrusted with the position of consulting winemaker at Paul Hobbs Consulting.

In my free time I enjoy listening and playing music. I also enjoy watching Football and Soccer.

My favorite Laird wine is Red Hen Chardonnay.

Luies GallegosLuies Gallegos
Wines Cellar Master

My father has worked for Ken Laird for 31 years and my mother briefly worked for the Laird’s vineyard management company, so when I was very young they brought me into the vineyards and the Laird family. When construction began on the winery and wine-making facility I came to work for Rebecca Laird as a cellar worker. I worked in almost every area of the winery, and in 2005 was promoted to Laird Family Wines Cellar Master position.

Outside of the winery you can find me either fishing and boating up at Lake Berryessa with my friends and family. I’m also a huge sports fan; Raiders, Warriors and A’s.
My favorite Laird wine is Pinot Grigio.

Erin Martin
National Sales Manager

I started out as a waitress in New York City after college, where I fell in love with all that the wine industry has to offer. I took classes with the American Sommelier Association in New York, then went on to work in a bottle shop and for a wine distributor in Virginia before moving out to California and working for Laird Family Estate.

When not slinging grapes, I like to read, cook, hike, go to Giants games, and generally make merriment with friends.

My favorite Laird wine is the Ghost Ranch Pinot Noir.

Justin WardJustin Ward
Northern California Sales Manager

What started as a passion for Italian wine, turned into managing a wine shop after college in Richmond, VA. I decided to forget my law school plans and drive cross country to Napa Valley where I was lucky to be hired at Laird Family Estate.

In my free time I enjoy golf, basketball, fly fishing and watching the Giants and Jeopardy.

My Favorite Laird Wine is the Suscol Syrah.

Terra FesslerTerra Rapoport
Tasting Room & Wine Club Manager

In 2008 my girlfriends took me out wine tasting for the very first time and I was instantly in love the whole experience; the wine, the history and the feeling of being part of a family. I then began taking wine appreciation classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and was discovered by the director of administration of a local winery and then before I knew it I was pouring behind the bar and helping run their wine club. After a brief detour in the dental industry I found myself happy and right at home with the Laird Family.

If you can’t find me in the tasting room there’s a good chance I can be found at the gym or hiking through Armstrong woods. I also enjoy trying new restaurants, spa days, making crafts and playing board games.

My favorite Laird wines are Jillian’s Blend and Cold Creek Chardonnay.

Madeleine RoseMadeleine Rose Tasting Room and Hospitality

One of my very first memories was picnicking at Buena Vista Winery with my family when I was 3 years old. Even at a young age I was enchanted by the beauty and the culture of the entire experience. As I grew up, my enchantment turned into a passion, and my passion turned into my career. After graduating from UCSD, I took wine classes through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and I received certificates at both the intermediate and advanced level. Shortly after that, I found my new home at Laird Family Estate.

Aside from being a total wine geek, I love to travel and I’m pretty much obsessed with history. I majored in history, and it will forever remain one of my favorite topics of discussion.

My favorite Laird wine is our Mast Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon.

Scott SandersScott Sanders
Tasting Room Associate

My humble beginnings in wine started in my teens when my best friend and I acquired a bottle of Cold Duck and hid it in the bushes on a hot Burbank night. Understandably it took me years to get the “warm” Cold Duck taste out of my mind. Years later while earning my Marketing degree at the University of Redlands, I enrolled in a class called “Classical Music and Wine Tasting”. I was immediately taken with wine and embarked on a quest to combine my two favorite hobbies: Wine and travel. I hosted blind tastings in my dorm room and later organized wine trips throughout California. A decade later I left an unsatisfying corporate job to come to Napa Valley. I worked at numerous wineries including a 17 year stint at Merryvale Vineyards, where I worked in the tasting room, special events room, and sold wine to retailers and restaurants in San Francisco. As Merryvale buys grapes and crushed at Laird, I stopped by to try Laird wines. I was so impressed I came back the next week and offered my resume.

Choosing my favorite Laird wine is like choosing your favorite child. Still, I love the rich full bodied elegance of the Suscol Ranch Syrah.

On my free time…I have kids, there is no free time! Still, when I get a break, I travel, camp and go wine tasting.