For our consulting winemaker, the attraction to help the Laird’s craft their own wines began simply with their family. With Ken having over 40 years in the business, they recognized that Ken truly understood the ‘ins-and-outs’ of the industry and were able to meet the unique trends and challenges of the wine business. Our consulting winemaker saw Ken’s determination and knew he was in it for the long run, not simply for hobby’s sake. They also believed the combined vineyard expertise of Justin and Ken was tough to beat. Lastly, there was a shared vision and goal to produce great, estate wines.

With Ken and Justin’s concentration in Napa and Carneros vineyards, our consulting winemaker has sought to produce wines that are “a window to a place.” Suscol Ranch is different in expression from Cold Creek Ranch as Red Hen Ranch is from Flat Rock Ranch: each a subtle yet distinctive vineyard voice. And with every year there is an intense drive to understand, react to and work with each vineyard to reach its full potential. This process, lead by winemaker and vineyard manager, is crucial for the execution of successful wines.

Our consulting winemaker has crafted wines that draw attention to detail. They ask to be savored slowly so the inherent intricacies of each wine may be recognized. They are not of overwhelming fruit immensity but wines of elegance and polish, reflective of their origins.